An illuminated glass panel adds the ‘wow’ factor to your interior design.

Add 'wow factor' now to your interior design, with the latest creative backlit ideas and images, exclusive from illuminati glass panels. Choose your own design or have our designers work with you to help create your own style. Colour backed glass, combined with lighting, creates the desired mood whatever the occasion.  
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Glass Splashback Panels

Plain or patterned glass splashback panels for the kitchen. Glass is a highly versatile, clean and easy maintenance product that smartens up the look of any kitchen. Decorated glass splashbacks add that finishing touch and are a superb alternative to tiles
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Printed & Patterned Glass

Printed or Patterned Glass Panels add a classy addition to any area.  Think out side of the box and personalise your home with your own picture or pattern, or visit to create your own style.


illuminated Glass

Add the ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen or bathroom walls. Illuminated glass splashback panels are a stunning addition, energy efficient LED lighting available in 4000 different colours, and made any size for wall decoration in any room. These are available as one-offs or highly limited edition designs, colour programmable and mood adjustable
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Commercial Applications

The “Illuminati” illuminated graphic glass panels are available as one-off productions for highlighting your brand in interior and exterior displays, available with colour control or fixed colours. Ideal to add colour and style to otherwise static displays, adding flair and value to your merchandising

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Home Ideas Centre

If you are near the Parnell area, why not pop in at the Home Ideas Centre at 165 The Strand.
There you can have a look at our impressive stand situated at
No 224.
Sean at the information desk will gladly assist you with a brochure displaying some of our beautiful glass splashbacks. 

Home Ideas Centre Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 4pm, Sun 11am-4pm

About Us

Just like any work of art and its artist, there are often imitators. In this instance you are seeing the original work by Brett Forder, master craftsman in LED illuminated glass panels. Brett comes from a history and trade experience in kitchen and bathroom refits. Also specialising in splashback panels for kitchens, Brett now enjoys creating masterful works in glass panels to add an impressive touch to any room. Brett is simply the original and pioneer in this industry. By ordering an illuminated glass panel from Brett, you are investing in more than just home decor, you’re investing in near exclusive style and flair that’s anything but every-day.


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