On Image Selection:

1. Shape: You need to think about the size & shape of the area where the image is going because you have to keep most images in proportion.  Rectangular images generally can't be made into a square, but you might be able to crop a square image from part of the rectangular one or crop a rectangular image from a Large Square.  Best practice is if your area is rectangular then go for a rectangular shaped image and vice versa if it is a square area. 

2. Image Quality (Resolution): All images should be of a High Resolution (300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) or higher) otherwise when the image needs to be resized to fit your Glass panel it may become pixelated. 
Having said that though, Lower resolutions might be OK, but it depends on your glass size and how large the image needs to be.  We can check your image with our Designers and let you know whether it can be used or not.  If there are any costs involved in enhancing a Lower resolution image we'll let you know before we go ahead with the project.

On Cleaning your Glass Panels:


1. Use the Right Cleaning Cloth: Avoid using abrasive cleaners. Instead of making your splashback shiny and clean, they may end up scratching and damaging it.

2. Use the Correct Material: Apart from using the correct cloths, you need to use proper cleaning agents. For instance, a glass cleaner or a general all-purpose cleaner are okay to use. It is also safe to use a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water.

3. Clean Up Promptly: Once you notice stains or splashes on your splashback, clean them straight away. It is best to do so while they are still fresh instead of waiting to clean them later. Stubborn stains are obviously more difficult to clean, particularly if left for some time.


4. Spray the Surface of the Splashback with a Cleaner: Start by spraying the surface of your splashback, pay special attention to greasy looking areas, and leave the solution for 1 to 2 minutes to allow it to settle and soak through the deposit.

5. Use a Damp Cloth: Ensure that you use a damp cloth to clean your glass splashback.

6. Gently Wipe It from Top to Bottom: Using a paper towel or lint-free cloth, gently wipe your splashback, starting from the upper side to the bottom. Make sure all marks are eliminated.


7. Use a Dry Cloth after a Damp One: Use a dry cloth after using a wet one. This will help prevent streaking. When cleaning glass, polishing with a piece of paper is a trick that works effectively.


For best practice, don’t wear any jewellery when cleaning the glass as it may scratch it

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Just like any work of art and its artist, there are often imitators. In this instance you are seeing the original work by Brett Forder, master craftsman in LED illuminated glass panels. Brett comes from a history and trade experience in kitchen and bathroom refits. Also specialising in splashback panels for kitchens, Brett now enjoys creating masterful works in glass panels to add an impressive touch to any room. Brett is simply the original and pioneer in this industry. By ordering an illuminated glass panel from Brett, you are investing in more than just home decor, you’re investing in near exclusive style and flair that’s anything but every-day.


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