Colour Glass Splashbacks

A vibrant  coloured glass splashback makes an interesting talking point in any kitchen.  


The best part is, that if you want a colour that might be a bit different to the standard colours you would normally see, we are willing to do our best to colour-match it for you.  


We can even match your splashback to your appliances if that's the colour you like.  

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The smooth, simple to clean contemporary look

With fine lines, wide smooth surfaces and intelligent lighting it is easy to create modern, classy effects with colour glass. Custom shapes, cut-outs and limitless colour options leave you in the designers seat to master your own style. Glass gives the kitchen that neat, clean finishing touch.

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Colour Glass Splashbacks

Combining Textures

With their cool, hard and smooth surfaces, glass and stone are natural complementary partners giving a clean, hygenic feel to the bathroom or workspace. Combining a colour in the kitchen with matching cabinets enables you to emphasise timber elements such as light wood flooring.

Emphasizes Lighting

Glass is a natural conductor for light, so when a feature LED strip or spot is cast onto the glass, a cool effect is created. The colour is illuminated and light is diffused across a larger area. The effect is even more pronounced with metallics.

Easy to Keep Clean

Toughened glass is extremely easy to clean. With no joins and a smooth texture, most smears and marks will simply wipe right off with a spray of ordinary glass cleaner.




Additional Information

Selecting an Image

Smart Phone with Rocky Crags

Size / Resolution - When selecting an image to be printed in large format it is important to pick something with high resolution. Enlargement tends to be extremely unforgiving with lower quality images. We recommend at least 3000 x 4000 pixels at close to 300dpi (larger than a 4mb file)

Shape / Orientation - The orientation of an image is important to fit the glass panel with minimal cropping. Most kitchen splashbacks are wide horizontally, so lend themselves well to panoramic 'landscape' photos. Shower liners work better with a portrait orientation.

Cut Outs - If there are cut outs for powerpoints or shower hardware keep in mind where they are positioned in relation to key elements in the image.

Theme - Think about the colours around the kitchen (or bathroom) and whether the styling is modern or traditional. A modern kitchen lends itself to photographic imagery, whereas a traditional kitchen may work well with a printed texture (granite/marble etc)

Focal Point - In designing kitchens and bathrooms there are always objects in the room arranged to give it balance. Its no different with images. For instance, in a kitchen you may wish to center the focal point of a photo directly below a rangehood.

Brightness - Keep in mind that the image you see on a screen is back-lit and illuminated. To have printed glass looking 'exactly' as bright as it does on a screen would involve some extensive additional backlighting.