Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your questions! We’ve answered some of the more common queries below but if you require more information, please contact us.


Frequently asked questions

What is the process?

After an initial phone or email conversation we send one of our team to do a professional onsite measure. A no obligation quote is then provided. Once accepted and colour confirmed the glass is manufactured, prepared, sprayed, cleaned and then brought to site for a professional install to your satisfaction.

How long does it take?

Once you have chosen the colour and accepted the quote we will be back to install within 4-7 days - this is industry best lead-time for this quality product. (As we are small and nimble we can usually accommodate emergency situations with a faster turnaround.)

​ What will my splashback cost?

As each splashback is custom made, this will depend on the specifics to your project - quotes are normally turned around within 24 hours from the onsite measure.

What colours are your splashbacks?

We can do any colour from the Resene or Dulux range or help us create your own custom colour for your special project.

Do all of your splashback products come with a warranty?

Yes all of our splashbacks are guaranteed against the delamination of our unique glass coating system for 20yrs.

Glass vs Tile - which is better?

We are often asked about the benefits of using glass over tile. In summary Hygiene is a major benefit as glass is easy to clean whereas grout can become discoloured and fall out especially near cooking oils/fats; Glass also reflects more light making the kitchen/area look bigger and brighter; Unlike tiles, painted glass can match any of the colours from Resene or Dulux range or be specially matched to any colour you desire. With glass, the design possibilities are almost endless and with our options of painted, prints and illuminated you're in control. If you are really set on the look of tiles we can print tiles (such as the popular subway look) onto a glass splashback giving the best of both.

Is your illuminated splashback rated to comply like a standard colour backed glass splashback?

Yes, all of the properties for our illuminated panels are the same as a standard glass splashback, in fact the heat transfer to the wall is eliminated completely through our product design.

What happens if the LED lighting stops working?

We only use high quality LEDs for our illuminated panels so failure is unusual. However, through our unique design we can easy replace the LED component.

How long will the LED's last?

LED's will last 45,000 hours plus. Based on an average usage of 3 hours per day this equates to over 40 years.

What is the Thickness of your Backlit Glass Panels?

As these are a sealed unit, the Units are between 21-25mm thick, Standard Glass Splashbacks range from 4-6mm in thickness.

Can I use my own photo?

Yes you can, but please remember that this has to be a High resolution image, (300 DPI or higher) or the image can look pixelated once blown up to your glass size. See our Creative Ideas page for inspiration for your next project.

What is the best way to clean my splashback?

1.Use the Right Cleaning Cloth: Avoid using abrasive cleaners. Instead of making your splashback shiny and clean, they may end up scratching and damaging it.

2. Use the Correct Material: Apart from using the correct cloths, you need to use proper cleaning agents. For instance, a glass cleaner or a general all-purpose cleaner are okay to use. It is also safe to use a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water.

3. Clean Up Promptly: Once you notice stains or splashes on your splashback, clean them straight away. It is best to do so while they are still fresh instead of waiting to clean them later. Stubborn stains are obviously more difficult to clean, particularly if left for some time.
4. Spray the Surface of the Splashback with a Cleaner: Start by spraying the surface of your splashback, pay special attention to greasy looking areas, and leave the solution for 1 to 2 minutes to allow it to settle and soak through the deposit.
5. Use a Damp Cloth: Ensure that you use a damp cloth to clean your glass splashback.
6. Gently Wipe It from Top to Bottom: Using a paper towel or lint-free cloth, gently wipe your splashback, starting from the upper side to the bottom. Make sure all marks are eliminated. 7. Use a Dry Cloth after a Damp One: Use a dry cloth after using a wet one. This will help prevent streaking. When cleaning glass, polishing with a piece of paper is a trick that works effectively. For best practice, don’t wear any jewellery when cleaning the glass as it may scratch it

Can you remove and or replace my old glass splashback?

Yes we can. Often if a property is sold or there has been a change in paint scheme in the house or simply for a change of mind over time - we can carefully remove the existing and replace with a new look. It is sometimes possible to use the same glass as we can often strip the existing paint and recoat reducing the overall price.

Illuminati Glass Splashbacks - FAQ